Fabrizio Pratesi

Fabrizio Pratesi

The Pratesi family has been producing wine in the Carmignano for five generations. In fact, Pietro Pratesi bought the property in 1875 Lolocco in the heart of Carmignano where they produced even then wine and oil. And in Lolocco the Pratesi cellar produces the best wine in the vineyards planted at high density. Carmignano is located in the heart of Tuscany and even Medici recognized in this small town the production of high quality wine. In fact, Cosimo III de ‘Medici in 1716 with an announcement ‘’ Bando ‘’ delimited four areas dedicated to the production of quality wine, one of which was Carmignano.

Via Rizzelli 10, 59011 Seano - Carmignano (PO)

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Fabrizio Pratesi

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